Incredible Wooden Keyboards By CroLander

CroLander is producing the best wooden keyboards you've ever seen.. Unique style design and handmade quality, CroLander wooden keyboards are handmade from carefully selected pieces of Croatian wood only! You can touch this nature beauty and incredible colors of wood! The wooden keyboard is completely tailor-made to your needs, preferences.,and lifestyle. 

CroLander is a modern USB keyboard (detachable cable and bluetooth connection are included) with a natural wooden frame and wooden keycaps style like an old-fashioned vintage typewriter. The chassis is carved from a single piece of solid walnut and making room for the important internal parts of the keyboard. After carving, the wood is hand-sanded until the wood has a remarkably smooth texture. Then, the wood is cleaned and coated with oil  which is used for the coating of children's toys and products in the kitchen. After that, it is again hand-sanded, cleaned and re-coated with oil to protect against moisture, fingerprints and even impregnates wood to provide a lasting and beautiful finish. Electronics are chosen for their superior quality and adaptability with mechanical switches. Each keycap is hand-sanded to a silky smooth to the touch. The keycaps have engraved letters that will never fade from wear. All might be personalized. 

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Mailander - CroLander Milan Majstorovic
Lug 250
47000 Karlovac